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Telemedicine Systems Development Lifecycle (TSDL)

New to Telemedicine?

In partnership with TELEMED Resources Consulting Group, TeleSpecialists brings you expertise on the implementation of industry leading telemedicine program design.

Wish to build a program from the ground up? How do you know which vendor to choose?

We help hospitals and healthcare systems build a fantastic program using their own resources and physicians

TeleSpecialists provides a comprehensive consultation service which allows your facility the ability to initiate a telemedicine program from the ground up. We realize the difficulties in navigating the ever-changing telehealth landscape and the multitude of available technologies. TeleSpecialists will work with your organization to develop a blueprint for a first-rate telemedicine program, help you select the technology that meets your needs, and provide access to experienced, high quality specialists for your patients.

Let us be an extension of your team

Our physicians become an extension of your team and can train your facility's own physicians on how to practice telemedicine, help reduce their call burden, or they can assume the lead on delivering efficient, quality, and compassionate care depending on your requirements.

Whether are you looking to implement a Tele-Stroke or Tele-ICU program, or one of our other service lines, TeleSpecialists offers the full spectrum of services to ensure your success in providing superior, state-of-the-art telehealth.

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Pioneering a new model for telemedicine service implementation, TeleSpecialists' neurology services is more than teleconferencing.  Using the managerial concept of Lean Six Sigma, TeleSpecialists can help rapidly improve or develop your stroke protocols and achieve the national goals of lower Door-To-Needle times.  Starting with a formal needs assessment of your facility, TeleSpecialists provides guidance to your hospital on the most cost effective technology and then moves to implementation and development of a Tele-Stroke program.  Ongoing evaluation of the stroke metrics occurs and the Lean Six Sigma concepts are utilized to hone the program to a cost-effective, stream-lined, and patient-centered care system for your hospital. 

Call us for more information on our innovative methodologies for developing your Tele-Stroke program!

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Intensive care trained physicians make a difference in the care of critically ill patients. Several studies have demonstrated that ICU mortality, morbidity, and length of stay are decreased and patient satisfaction increased when patient care is led by board-certified intensivists. With an aging population and life expectancy being extended by advances in medicine, the demand for critical care services will correspondingly increase.

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Tele-Weight Management

Weight loss at your home!

New to TeleSpecialists is our service line offering a weight loss program for your patients. Well suited for primary care offices as well as surgical bariatric clinics, our tele-weight loss program allows real time consultation with nutrition specialists.  The ability to provide remote monitoring with the use of state-of-the-art telehealth technology allows for patients to benefit from this service in the comfort of their own home.

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The burden of Stroke

Stroke is now the fifth cause of death in developed countries. The “Golden Hour” defined as 60 minutes of arrival time has been established as the quality standard of care for rapid assessment and administration of thrombolytic medicine to establish reperfusion, recanalization and prevention of irreversible ischemic insult. Tissue Plasminogen Activator (tPA) is the only FDA-approved medicine that can help dissolve the clot, restore blood flow, and improve function when given early.

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Our mental health professionals

TeleSpecialists offers behavioral and mental health access 24 hours a day in a variety of settings.

Our services can be implemented in various settings such as hospital Emergency Departments, in-patient floors, university campuses, corrections and substance abuse facilities as well as Community Health Centers.

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