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TeleSpecialists will provide a Turnkey solution for all On Call services for your facility.

Our physician leadership consists of physicians highly respected in their field, who help design clinical programs (such as critical care program or Stroke program) that best fits the objectives of hospital systems.  

Within this clinical infrastructure, our IT experts help define functional equipment, and design technology systems which best fit your hospital system.

Originally founded as a start-up neurology telemedicine company, Virtual Neurology, in 2013, TeleSpecialists grew out of a collaboration of multiple board certified physicians including neurologists, psychiatrists, and critical care providers. Over time, TeleSpecialists has continued to expand in physician workforce, service lines, and hospital endpoints but has never lost sight of its primary focus – quality patient care and customer service. We have created a revolutionary solution to the growing physician shortage dilemma. Our comprehensive service not only guarantees 24/7/365 emergent and non-emergent consultations, but also allows the flexibility for local physicians to cover their own services with our on demand assistance.

The TeleSpecialists Advantage:

• Value: Minimal start-up investment 

• Expertise: Board Certified US-trained and based physicians available at a moment’s notice

• Growth: Training and education of facility physicians and allied staff 

• Quality: Establish treatment protocols for a variety of conditions

• Continuity: Retention of patients.   

• Reputation: Competitive community standing by providing access to specialty physicians


TeleSpecialists is committed to providing superior, state-of-the-art telehealth patient care “Anytime, Anywhere”.  

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