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Specialized State-of-the-Art TeleMedicine Programs

TeleSpecialists can provide a turnkey telemedicine solution designed to fit your organization's individual needs.

TeleSpecialists will provide your hospital with a road map to help you implement a state-of-the-art telemedicine program from the ground up, within your own system.  

We begin with a strategy to build your clinical program, and then build the telemedicine program within your clinical infrastructure.  Our specialists will assist in obtaining and maintaining Primary or Comprehensive Stroke Center Certification

Our Telemedicine Systems Development Life Cycle (TSDLC) consists of three phases: 

1.  Planning, Analysis and Design

2.  Implementation

3.  Support and Evaluation 

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TeleSpecialists Provide 24/7 Healthcare Services

Planning and Analysis Phase and Design. 1.

  • Focus on planning and design of a strategy to build a telemedicine program from ground up
  • Review and evaluation of every aspect of the existing program
  • Education and training:
    • Principles of neurologic and ICU care—patient examination and evaluation and approaches to medical decision-making
    • Acute treatment protocols
    • General algorithms
    • Documentation
    • Usage of telemedicine technology
  • Compliance with national standards and metrics
  • Determination of systems goals
  • Determination and prioritization of system requirements
  • Evaluate vendor proposals and hold demonstrations
  • Conduct a cost benefit analysis
  • Prepare a summay report and recommendations

Telemedicine Implementation. 2.

  • Establish and institute a project plan, including major activities and milestones, estimate duration of each activity
  • Define members responsible for completion of the tasks, and their specific roles and responsibility
  • Lean-driven Value Stream Mapping: workflow and process analysis
    • Analyze existing process and work flow
    • identify opportunities for improvement
    • Implement changes when appropriate

Support and Evaluation. 3.

After Go-Live date, TeleSpecialists conducts a continuous peer review process to monitor the quality of training and to ensure that telemedicine technology is being used appropriately and functioning properly. TeleSpecialists ensures that quality standards are met and assures profitability for your organization.