Telemedicine At Sea

In International Shipping News

ClipperTelemed+ offers advanced telemedicine services 24/7 from emergency physicians to crew members of merchant ships, super yachts, and individual yachtsmen.  Recently ClipperTelemed+ assisted 2 crewmembers aboard yachts racing around the world.  The first patient was a 68 year old made suffering from symptoms that were suggestive of a possible heart attack, however, after consultation with the telemedicine service, he was treated for heat exhaustion and was able to continue the race.  The second patient suffered a large arm wound. The telemedicine physician was able to guide other members of the crew on stitching and setting the injury.

In both instances, a diversion and medical evacuation was avoided. The physicians can help diagnose and treat anything from broken bones to infections, collapsed lungs, dislocated shoulders and abdominal injuries while giving advice on using/administering medicine from the on board kit they also provide.

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