AMA Meeting to Develop New Telemedicine Codes

Jonah Comstock

The American Medical Association has recently created a working group tasked with creating CPT codes for telemedicine to support reimbursement. Currently there are multiple CPT codes originally used for face to face encounters that can be used for various telemedicine visits. However, specific telemedicine codes may improve physician comfort in seeking reimbursement for the encounters. The working group is composed of physicians, health professionals, telemedicine innovators, and insurers.

“The CPT code set is the foundation upon which every participant in the medical community — physicians, hospitals, allied health professionals, payers and others — can efficiently share accurate information about medical services,” AMA President Dr. Steven J. Stack said in a statement. “Input from the Telehealth Services Workgroup will help the CPT code set reflect new technological and telehealth advancements available to mainstream clinical practice, and ensures the code set can fulfill its role as the health system’s common language for reporting contemporary medical procedures.”

The working group met for the first time in Philadelphia this month. The workgroup now intends to subdivide and determine those areas most in need of codes.

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