Sepsis and Telemedicine

Eric Wicklund

OSF Healthcare of Illinois is about to embark on a project using a $750,000 grant from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality to combat sepsis at rural hospitals. The plan is two-fold in its approach. The first step involves using simulation to train rural clinicians to recognize the early signs and symptoms of sepsis. The second step involves teaching the clinicians to use the platform to connect with specialists using video-conferencing. The project is intended for three years and is a collaboration between JumpTrading Simulation & Education Center, Illinois College of Medicine at Peoria, and Northwestern.

OSF wants to ensure accurate application of these [sepsis] bundles in rural emergency departments by using telemedicine,” they said. “The idea is for rural clinicians to consult with specially trained critical care medical staff over videoconferencing as they treat patients presenting with sepsis. Transitions of care to the ICU may also be improved.” The hope of the project is that if this project can improve sepsis care, the model can be applied to other conditions such as stroke, acute MI, pediatric critical care, and trauma.

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