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Comprehensive TeleNeurology Program

Let us implement a state-of-the-art telemedicine program which allows efficient and cost effective comprehensive teleNeurology program:


  • 24/7 coverage for comprehensive neurologic services: timely acute care as well as routine and follow up consultations.
  • Increase market share and improve regional reputation
  • Improve patient retention: teleneurology presence to follow up on patients seen acutely helps maintain appropriate patients and avoid costly transfers
  • Program for Spokes: small community and critical access hospitals may find value in a service that helps maintain appropriate patients and avoid costly transfers
  • Improve your Patient Satisfaction Scores


  • Board certified neurologists available at a moment's notice
  • Subspecialty expertise including epileptologist, movment disorder specialists, neuromuscular specialists and Stroke and Vascular Neurologists available for specialty consultations


  • Provide service that allows coverage for gaps in call schedule to allow a comprehensive teleneurology program to scale

Learn more about our TeleNeuroHospitalist Rounding here:


  • Certified Lean Six Sigma program: lean teleNeurology program to achieve markers of excellence
  • Treatment protocols for a variety of neurologic disorders
  • Educational modules for comprehensive state-of-the-art teleNeurology program
  • Inpatient order sets designed for specialty care
  • Presidential Corporate partnership with American Telemedicine Association (ATA)
  • 90% rate Door to Needle Times below 60 minutes for stroke care
  • tPA utilization rate: range between 20-44%

Contact Telespecialists

  • General Neurology

    TeleNeurology and TeleNeurohospitalist

    One successful model of healthcare delivery is the Tele-Neurohospitalist system where hospitals employ Advanced Practice Providers trained in neurologic assessment.  This program is a comprehensive state-of-the-art Tele-Neurology program.  

    The conventional telemedicine services only provide emergent consultations and do very little for patient retention. Many hospitals have experienced poor patient retention as current telemedicine service providers offer little or no follow-up hospital care and are predominantly focused on initial consultations. Most large hospital systems that incorporate telemedicine are focused on benefitting from transferring patients to their facility for more specialized expertise from smaller hospitals. Unfortunately, this model does very little to retain patients in the originating hospitals.

    TeleSpecialists offers 24/7/365 coverage for all emergent and non-emergent consultations and follow-up hospital care with the goal of helping to retain patients. We offer a comprehensive service that guarantees complete coverage for all days, nights, and weekends. We also offer flexibility in your coverage to allow local physicians to cover their own service and enjoy guaranteed call coverage.



  • Spot EEG Interpretation

    TeleNeurology: EEG Interpretation

    TeleSpecialists provides rapid interpretation of EEG in emergent and acute settings. Rapid acquisition and interpretation of EEG can help to exclude the possibility of non convulsive status epilepticus, which our neurologists can then assist with treating.

    TeleSpecialists also provides remote EEG interpretation services and remote EEG monitoring.

  • Ambulatory Neurology

    TeleNeurology: Ambulatory Neurology

    TeleSpecialists is now able to bring the all-inclusive neurologic consultation service to your local clinic and ambulatory center.

    Providing remote consultations to many different end points, TeleSpecialists is able to accomodate the needs of your faciliaty. Find out how!

  • Movement Disorders

    TeleNeurology: Movement Disorders and

    Tele-Parkinson's Program

    Non-emergent access to a movement disorder specialist is provided for both inpatient and ambulatory settings.

    A unique section of our TeleNeurology program, TeleSpecialists has initiated a unique and innovative Tele-Parkinson's program serving patients in need of Movement Disorders specialists internationally.  TeleSpecialists makes unique arrangements with large academic institutions and hospital systems in the provision of telemedicine care to patients seen by these facilities but reside in remote areas. 


  • Acute Stroke Care

    TeleNeurology: Acute Stroke Care

    Lean Tele-Stroke program

    TeleSpecialists' Tele-Stroke package includes a unique development program which uses concepts of Lean Six Sigma to create a rapid, cost-effective, patient-centered stroke process with Value Stream Mapping. This new, innovative, state-of-the-art program helps providers and medical professionals achieve excellence in the provision of acute stroke care with NINDS recommended timelines.

    Build your own program

    In addition to providing an all-inclusive turn key solution, TeleSpecialists helps hospitals and affiliated companies develop their own telemedicine program from ground up.  This includes consultations on implementation of a program that meets the proposed regulatory requirements, as well as, development of a telemedicine program using the facility's own physicians and resources.

  • The Paralyzed Patient

    TeleNeurology: The Paralyzed Patient

    The assessment of the paralyzed patient can be challenging and the condition may represent a true neurologic emergency. There are many conditions of the central and the peripheral nervous system that may cause paralysis.  Rapid access to neurologic expertise at bedside is often necessary for best outcome. With our innovate teleNeurology process flows, your hospital can benefit from our innovative care delivery for patients with all neurologic needs.