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TeleSpecialists has created a weight loss program utilizing technologies that incorporate Blue Tooth devices to transfer information to TeleSpecialists’ nutrition specialists. There are many weight loss programs focused on diets, which often fail due to weight gain after the termination of the program. TeleSpecialists' Medical Weight Management Program focuses on a program initiated and then continued for any desired amount of time through direct provider to consumer communication via the use of a HIPAA-compliant telemedicine platform in the comfort of home. The program allows remote monitoring of weight, blood glucose, blood pressure, and overall activity level.

In this model, patients bring the equipment home and providers will have remote access to the information collected by consumers utilizing the equipment including weight, activity level, blood pressure, and blood glucose. The data is transmitted via Blue Tooth technology to the secured website used by the provider, allowing them to remotely follow the trends and formulate a treatment plan. The consumers will have scheduled appointments with the TeleSpecialists nutrition specialists at monthly intervals via a virtual waiting room.

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