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The Burden of Stroke

Stroke is now the fifth cause of death in developed countries. On average, every 40 seconds someone in the US has a stroke, and every 4 minutes, someone dies of a stroke. The “Golden Hour” defined as 60 minutes of arrival time has been established as the quality standard of care for rapid assessment and administration of thrombolytic medicine to establish reperfusion, recanalization and prevention of irreversible ischemic insult. Tissue Plasminogen Activator (tPA) is the only FDA-approved medicine that can help dissolve the clot, restore blood flow, and improve function when given early.  Demand for stroke care is growing significantly: tPA and endovascular interventions to increase by 206% and 136% respectively between 2013 and 2023. 

Telestroke virtual networks have proven to provide superior quality through better access to therapy and improved quality and outcomes with reduced cost. 

TeleSpecialists TeleStroke Program can help you build a state-of-the-art stroke program and help you rapidly evaluate and treat stroke patients.

Integration and customization: TeleSpecialists helps your facility build a program within the infrastructure of your hospital using your EMR and Computerized Physician Order Entry. Cost effective telestroke capabilities are built to fit your needs.

TeleSpecialists telestroke program provides timely acute care consultations and will...

  • Increase 60 minute Door To Needle Times 
  • Increase tPA utilization, up to 20% 
  • Improve patient retention
  • Provide a program of process improvement with Value Stream Mapping
  • Program will incur cost only when utilized
  • Increase regional market share and improve regional reputation

TeleSpecialists provides the clinical programmatic support beyond teleconferencing.

  • Implementation of the acute care protocols and criteria for administration of tPA
  • Extensive educational modules for state-of-the-art program
  • Implementation of order sets and protocols to meet the “Get With the Guidelines” metrics established by the American Stroke Association

TeleSpecialists TeleStroke program creates efficiencies through process improvement with the infrastructure of the Emergency Department.

  • Rapid Triage: TeleSpecialists provides consultations to develop on-site triage and second level assessment protocols to help rapid triage and early stroke team notification
  • Rapid Call activation of the teleStroke on call: TeleSpecialists provides a personal hotline number that can be used to reach the physician on call directly and rapidly without any delay.
  • Value Stream Mapping. With the use of VSM to implement process improvement within the process flow of the Emergency Department, TeleSpecialists aims to reduce Door to Needle times by simple cost-effective process improvement measures.
  • Turnkey solution.TeleSpecialists partners with the technology company of your choice and assists in the process of identifying a cost-effective turnkey solution.

Key features of a successful TeleStroke program

  • Single call activation with availability of a stroke hotline for the system, and guaranteed immediate response time
  • Live Telemedicine presence within 5-10 minutes of activation
  • Educational program for staff on neurosciences and telemedicine practice
  • Value Stream Mapping for lean transformation and process improvement of the existing Emergency Department protocol for treatment of acute stroke through telestroke
  • Evaluating tPA criteria to include “relative criteria” as well as 4.5 hr criteria: targeted to increase tPA use with evidence-based medicine
  • Triage evaluation
  • Metrics of success: increase tPA utilization and improve DTN of 60 minutes
  • Quality oversight
  • Telemedicine teaching tools


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